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Goats & Lambs

A baa...eautiful way to let go of stress. Meditate, play and stretch your cares away.

Puppy Yoga

If you've had a ruff week, paws... and stretch with puppies - it's the leashed you could do!

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We don't just have mindful fun with animals, we've got retreats and bootcamps too!

Other Events

We don't just have mindful fun with animals, we've got some other great events too!

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Our unique blend of:

  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • yoga-based fitness and
  • animal-experience workshops

are designed to boost your mental, physical and emotional well-being, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and energised to take on the week!

In a 90 minute session, you choose what parts of the workshop you participate in, understanding that everything is optional - except for having a great time!

We facilitate meaningful experiences for the public, private functions and corporates, offering a range of events from baby animal yoga to meditation-only classes and programs.

Expect to leave with a clear mind, a huge smile, and a wonderful experience you'll never forget.

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About Karmably

Karmably exists to bring the best out of every person we meet

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Meditation & Yoga With Baby Goats and Lambs

Breathe In & Bleat Out

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Mindful Fun in Melbourne

Mindful Fun in Brisbane - Coming Soon

Mindful Fun in Gold Coast - Coming Soon


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