The Best Places to Meditate in Brisbane

Get Zen Brisbane

Scrolling for inner peace?

Tried Headspace, your local yoga studio, and even meditating in your weird Auntie’s basement? Still find yourself falling asleep, over-thinking, and wondering why you can’t focus?

Don’t despair.

While studies show 75% of Aussies suffer adverse physical effects from stress – the research also shows meditation reduces pain, improves immunity and is taught in squillions of places around Brissie!

Here are 5 places you can detox, relax, and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

Karmably – The World’s Cutest Intro to Meditation


These are the most adorable meditation classes Brisbane has to offer! Humans meditate solo  first, then cuddle baby goats, lambs and occasionally kittens or puppies. As these furbabies enter the space – bringing a deep sense of peace into the mind, body and soul, without the effort! An amazing  introduction to meditation that boosts mood, immunity and leaves you smiling all weekend. Keep your eyes glued to the Karmably Facebook Page though, their events sell out up to three months in advance!

When: Saturday and Sunday mornings

Where: Indigo Soul Wellness, Yeronga | Raw Company, Moorooka


Price: $39 – $46

Soul Space – Courses Only

sol space

Brisbane’s only dedicated meditation studio, Soul Space offers beginner courses with a strong educational component. While there’s no drop-in class option, Soul Space boasts a light, airy space and runs regular 6-week courses for those who are serious about offloading stress and inviting calm in a community setting.

When: Every Wednesday

Price: $170

Location: 23 Parker St, Newmarket


Cultivate Calm Yoga – 45 Minute Meditation Class

Calm Yoga - Meditation

This yoga studio offers both casual classes and a 3-week course for beginners using a chilled, relatable approach to harnessing the power of awareness and breath to invite happiness and build focus for modern living.

When: every Thursday 8pm

Price. $20 Casual Class. $140 Course

Location: 963 Stanley St E, East Brisbane


ASMY – 45-Minute-Deep Peace Meditation

ASMY - meditate

Experience a guided meditation without the bells and whistles. Use breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques to invite relaxation into the mind, body and heart. No need to book, just rock up with a gold coin and an open mind.

When: Every Monday 5:30pm, Tuesday 11:00am, Thursday 11:00am and 5:30pm

Price: Gold coin donation (bargain!)

Location: 320 Montague Rd, West End


Vipassana – 10-Day Silent Meditation Course


For those who don’t do anything half-assed. This course is for those who are serious about meditation and want to dive in, face-first, no holds barred. This 10-Day Meditation Course is more like a bootcamp than a retreat, so it’s not for those looking for a heavenly getaway. Using traditional Buddhist techniques, meditators undergo roughly 10 hours of meditation a day in total silence. Break through old thought patterns and leave with deeper clarity, and a stillness you probably haven’t felt since you left your mum’s womb! Make sure you book early, spaces book out 6 months in advance!

When: Check the schedule

Location: Vipassana Meditation Centre, Rules Rd, Pomona

Price: No charge. Donations accepted upon completion.


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