Why I hated meditation

Why I hated meditation It was a silent 10-Day retreat, where we didn’t eat after midday, there was no exercise or talking allowed, and we did nothing but sit for 10 hours and observe our breath… every… goddamn… day.  I hated my first meditation retreat. With a passion. And you know, why?  Because everytime I…

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Drunk People Outperform Sleepy People

‘I can’t sleep,’ was a nightly occurrence for me. The moment those three little words appeared out of the smokescreen; I knew I was doomed. If you’re me six years ago… You’ve already: read a book tried to visualise sheep, or a beach drunk three cups of chamomile cursed the universe and cried, “why me?!”…

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The Best Places to Meditate in Brisbane

Get Zen Brisbane Scrolling for inner peace? Tried Headspace, your local yoga studio, and even meditating in your weird Auntie’s basement? Still find yourself falling asleep, over-thinking, and wondering why you can’t focus? Don’t despair. While studies show 75% of Aussies suffer adverse physical effects from stress – the research also shows meditation reduces pain,…

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