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19-10-18 - Retreat Flyer

Feel like you’re drowning? Have a to-do list that keeps multiplying? 

An inbox that never seems to zero out? 

A boundless heart that you think has an ENDLESS reservoir of energy for your friends, family and work, until one day it just… coughs weakly and comes up dry? 

I know this busy, modern world asks a lot from you. It keeps asking, and asking, and asking until you’re so exhausted you need to retreat from the world and all the people in it.

We’ve got a literal lagoon of wellness, calm and soul-nourishing experiences for you to relax into. A beautiful hideaway from the humdrum world that sometimes demands too much. The 3-Day Luxury Retreat on Salt Beach is designed to take you out of your thoughts, and back into the moment. 

Studies have shown meditation is more effective in for long-term relaxation than a holiday.

Holidays give us an initial boost of feel-good neurochemicals, whereas meditation actually helps us maintain them - meaning we get the high! And avoid the post-holiday blues. 

Thus, we decided to combine the two!

When you’re at the Salt Beach Getaway, you won’t be waking up to the sound of your ringtone. The ocean is literally a one minute walk away. So be prepared to smell fresh, salty ocean air and let your “walk to work” be to the sound of crashing waves and the clink-clink of forks at the resort’s breakfast buffet. 

Now imagine what it would be like to go back to the “real world” without that sense of crushing despair that you so often find after leaving your responsibilities behind. 

Imagine a retreat where you not only get to lose yourself in luxury and sun-warmed sand, but where you also feel your heart-opening and healing in workshops designed to nourish the soul and integrate your meditation and newfound wellbeing into the modern lifestyle. 

If you’re the kind of Type A personality that needs to perfect, control and over-analyse all the options before you can relax - don’t worry. Ber specialises in working with these kinds of clients, because she is one of them! 

Having spent most of her life as an overachieving perfectionist, Ber went on a six year journey, training in over 600 hours of meditation and mindfulness, as well as certifying in Reiki, Sound Therapy and Breathwork. She learned to harness the tremendous energy she’d waste overthinking and has found her true purpose, changed careers, deepened her relationships and transformed her body, mind and soul. 

The Unwind Retreat - Salt Beach Getaway - is a break from the daily grind that will show you how to:

  • Feel Beautiful & See the Best in Yourself

    Notice how when you “feel disgusting”, you think you are disgusting, even when everyone around you says you’re gorgeous? You’ll be shocked how easy it is to train the mind to see the best in you, and everyone around you.. 

  • Soothe your Body’s Aches and Pains

    Daily yoga and nature walks stretch and release tight, stiff muscles. Learn quick, simple daily routines that you can take home to treat problem areas brought on by office-work and scrolling through your Instagram.

  • Be More Productive at Work:

    Studies have shown stress impairs your memory and limits your problem solving capabilities. Learn how to shift back into your parasympathetic nervous system, or a state of relaxation, when it seems like you’re losing control!

But don't take it form us. Ber has been  changing the lives of hundreds of perfectionists, just like you...

and here's what some of them have to say about what we do:

Andrew-Masanto-sq (1)

Andrew Masanto

Serial Entrepreneur

Ber has a completely different approach to meditation that provides a very inquest experience which allows you to refocus on what is important. Immediately after, I felt less stressed, had increased mental clarity and a deeper connectedness with myself.

I highly recommend Ber’s services to anyone looking for a practice and experience that will give you greater clarity and a tremendously unique experience


Maja Vujinovic

Investor and CEO, OGroupLLC

"I have lived around the world and tried various practitioners, methods, native meditations, healings etc and with Ber I had clarity. Berenice's holistic, easy and yet powerful approach helped me sharpen my focus, clear my head, and helped me sleep better. I also had a wonderful laugh which was a way of release for me, I felt light as a feather after. Highly recommend to anyone who struggles to be present" -

Dave Houston

CEO Australian Dental Groupone

"I had done some yoga and mediation but never greatly explored it when the opportunity to experience what Ber had to offer came up on a corporate retreat.

To say it was remarkable is a dramatic understatement. 

The combination or guided breathing, synced music and mediation took me and my corporate group into a deep dive…. 

To say it was remarkable is a dramatic understatement. It was a journey of self discovery as my brain defragmented and reassembled into clear thoughts and direction. I have been buzzing and focused since."

Heres what you get when you attend Unwind:

  • 2 x Meditation Classes

  • 1 x Full Body Massage

  • 1 x Baby Goat Meditation & Yoga Class

  • 1 x Yoga Class

  • 2 x Nights Accommodation

  • 2 x Buffet Breakfasts

  • Access to Lagoon Pool

  • Access to on-site Gym & Tennis Courts

  • Free time to read, sun-bathe and sample nearby restaurants

Register for Unwind today!


Start: 4:30pm October 18th

Finish: 1pm October 20th 


Peppers Salt Resort & Spa,

Bells Blvd, Kingscliff NSW  

This event is usually valued at $850 per person!

...but until the 30th of August you have the chance to grab an early bird ticket (two persons per room) for only:



  • SAVE $250


Payment Plan

$60 /Week

  • SAVE $130
  • 12 Weekly Installments

Want your own room? Pay the Upfront Early Bird Rate twice ($1,200) per room (accomodates two people) Just contact Ber on to let her know!

Act now and you’ll save $250 PER PERSON!

Spaces are limited to preserve the customisation of the experience.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to get out of your head and into your heart. Offer ends August 30th, and after that the price goes up by $250, so be sure to move fast!


If you’re the kind of person that feels panicked and confused when people say “surrender” or “relax”, then this retreat was made for you. Learn how to harness your over-active mind and use it for good. And do it in a beautiful beachside setting, with poolside snacks to boot! Tickets have ALREADY been pre-booked, so act quickly and don’t delay!


  • What do I bring to this retreat?

    A list of requirements will be sent to you 4 weeks before your trip. Basically imagine everything you need for a sweet Summer Holiday and bring that!

  • Where do the animals in your baby goat yoga come from?

    My Little Farm Friends is a mobile petting zoo who rescues baby farm animals that have been abandoned or are destined for slaughter. There’s super cute and cuddly, and love humans more than their own kind in some cases! When they’re all grown up, they stay on the family farm, or get adopted out as pets to a network of families on acreage.

  • Do I have to do all the activities?

    No. Certain activities are compulsory  and highly recommended (beginning and final meditations, breathwork), however exceptions will always be made for those with physical, mental or emotional sensitivities. We want you to get the most out of this retreat, so we’ll definitely ask you to do certain exercises, so you can get the outcome you desire when you return home! However, your comfort and well-being is paramount, so please email us if you have any concerns or restrictions:

  • I have dietary requirements and allergies, should I be worried?

    If you notify us via email we’d love to cater to your needs! Just make sure you let us know before the retreat begins so we can start planning and preparing your healthy, delicious meals without the bad stuff!

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