Ewe've goat to be kidding me...





What To Expect:

Light stretching to still the body

Sound Mediation to still the mind

Play! Fluffy cuddles from a furry friend

While we always endeavour to have 12 - 17 baby goats and lambs at our events - Our partners My Little Farm Friends and Brisbane Pony Parties, work with groups to take in orphaned baby goats and lambs, so there may be times when we bring piglets or other furbabies into class.

Please advise us of allergies or phobias prior to attendance.


I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, but why are we meditating and yoga-ing with this much cuteness?

Won’t I be even MORE distracted?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that Breathe In & Bleat Out is a metaphor for what meditating actually feels like when you first start yoga or meditation.

Your first meditation or yoga practice isn’t going to be perfect, and it certainly won’t be still. You’ll have thoughts, feelings, memories, and dreams niggling at you, gnawing on you, and clamoring for attention.

Just like our furry friends.

These cuties nibble, nuzzle, dribble and piddle, but I can promise you won’t get worked up over it. In fact, I can guarantee you’ll leave with nothing but a smile! And maybe a few selfies (Good luck trying to get a fur baby to pose!)

Instead of criticising yourself for being unable to sit still in perfect, spiritual silence, you’ll learn to compassionately observe this chaos, embrace the moment and stop kicking yourself for not being so damn perfect all the time.

Why we chose baby goats, lambs and other baby farm animals: 

We understand many people already have a beloved pup or kitty at home who'd feel very jealous if you meditated with "Housecats and Dogs" on the weekend.

Cuddling causes warm fuzzy feelings in humans and animals! Whether from our human friends or furry ones, cuddling is proven to release oxytocin, which boosts the immune system, reduces stress and relieves pain! “Oxytocin is a natural stress reliever… it acts on our brain to diminish anxiety and induce relaxation” - Harvard Health Letter.

Stanford PAWS program has been using animal therapy for 20 years to raise the spirits of hospitalised patients. Animal therapy has also been found to reduce cortisol in Autistic children by up to 48%, as well as relieve symptoms of PTSD and schizophrenia.


What is provided:

Yoga Mat 6mm


Organic Cleaner

What you need (Optional):

Eye mask


Yoga Props

  • Your friendly warning:

    Baby goats, lambs and other farm animals don't have complete control of their bladders & can get super excited without warning!

    The Karmably Cleaning Crew is always standing by for mishaps, but please come prepared for the worst. AKA go digging for your daggiest gym shirt and throw it over those nice, new tights when the mischief begins!

Our baby goats and lambs come from mobile farms, My Little Farm Friends and Brisbane Pony Parties. Both businesses help rehome orphaned baby goats that are destined for slaughter or are at risk of death in their current environment.

Please Note: All sales final. No refunds are given. You may sell your tickets and notify us of changes to attendee details. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

See you in the Zen Den!

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